Cannabis Grow Types and Nutrients

For the most part, you will be using the same basic nutrients for all grows. All the nutrients in indoor/outdoor and hydro/dirt fertilizers are similar. What changes is the nutrient delivery method. Make sure you purchase nutrients for your intended grow type.

Cannabis nutrients for hydroponic systems

In addition to the primary, secondary, and micronutrients listed, best cannabis nutrients growers sometimes add trace micronutrients, amino acids, and vitamins.

Most hydroponic kits feature liquid nutrients, like General Hydroponics FloraSeries Kit. This is because you can just mix it in with the water and flush it out as needed. Most hydroponic growth nutrients are made from synthetic mineral salts. These easily dissolve in water and do not contain organic compounds that can cause bacterial growth in your reservoir.

In decades past, you couldn’t use organic fertilizers in hydroponic grow setups. This is because your hydroponic setup is basically a nutrient soup, and harmful bacteria can easily grow in that. That said, these days there are organic nutrients that are hydro-friendly. Just be careful and don’t expose your water to light.

Nutrient Advantages of Hydroponics

Hydroponic grow setups give cannabis growers a lot more control over their nutrient levels. This is for a couple of reasons. Water has the same nutrient level in the entire reservoir, whereas dirt may not have an even nutrient distribution. Your NPK levels might be fine at the top of the soil where you are testing, but insufficient at the bottom where roots are collecting water.

It’s also much easier to adjust nutrient levels in hydro setups. If accidentally create an unideal nutrient ratio, you can easily flush it out. It’s not as easy to flush out dirt. The final flush at the end of flowering before you harvest will go much faster in water.

Last but not least, you see more immediate effects of the nutrients on your plants. It’s much easier to diagnose nutrient deficiencies and change them. If you notice signs of nutrient burn, you can readjust everything before the burn gets worse. If you like playing scientist with your plants, you’ll have more fun with hydroponics.

Cannabis nutrients for soil grows

Dirt tends to have plenty of trace elements. Most soil growers only need NPK, Calcium, and Magnesium. That said, there’s a difference between growing in potting soil vs growing in wild soil. We’ll address wild soil in the outdoor section.

Soil nutrients have a bit more options. Many of them come as liquids that you mix into your watering can before you water them. Others like Reefertilzer come as a powder that you mix into the water.

Cannabis nutrients for indoor growing

Indoor cannabis plants need NPK, secondary, and micro-nutrients. 

Indoor vs outdoor doesn’t make as much of a difference as hydro vs dirt. It is a little bit easier to use organic fertilizer in indoor grows because they can attract pests. Pests are less of an issue indoors.

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