Whilst the CBD market in the UK is still very young there have been many developments in new types of products.

You can now buy CBD gimmicks galore such as CBD beer, wine or bath bombs and a myriad of other things too. In the main these types of products are a clever marketing exercise with little efficacy when used. I do find it interesting that CBD is added to just about anything yet that is not the case for other vitamins.

I’ve yet to stumble across a vitamin D bath bomb for example! I wonder why this is the case with CBD? There is no doubt it has a wide range of effects but it can do that just by being taken as an oil such as in our Signature Blend products or as a water-soluble CBD like our Absorb range.

At CBD One we aim to source only the finest quality Strong CBD Patches and only in ways we believe encourage good health. That is one of the main reasons we do not sell a vape product, because I’m not convinced that vaping is ‘good health behaviour’. Irrespective of comparing vaping to smoking cigarettes. It is also true that I have yet to find a high quality full spectrum vape oil, the only one I have tried made me feel sick.

However, we now have an exciting and genuinely useful new way of delivering CBD that is both inexpensive and effective and that is CBD patches. These deliver a steady dose of CBD through your skin or what is known as the ‘transdermal’ route.


Our CBD patches, called ‘Release’, can be placed on your skin and left in place for 36 hours. They are shower proof (though do not scrub them too hard in the shower) and gentle on your skin so should not irritate you at all. There are 30 patches in a pack which means you get approximately a 6 week supply of CBD if you use them every day.

Each patch contains 15mg of pure CBD with absolutely no THC in them at all. This means if you have concerns over dope tests such as those that professional athletes face or have objections to THC (THC is the cannabinoid that can get you high and is classed as a narcotic) on other grounds, such as your religious beliefs or ethics then you are completely safe to use our Release patches.

Our patches are made from a CBD isolate. This simply means we have isolated the CBD from all the other compounds in the hemp plant and have used that entirely on its own. They are made from 100% pure CBD.

This is one of the few times you will see an isolate CBD product being used by CBD One as for the most part we believe in working with nature which means using full-spectrum products wherever we can. Full-spectrum means we keep all the other compounds in hemp that create the entourage effect which is the synergy of all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids contained in hemp. This synergy makes it more potent and also gentle because it is a more natural product.

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