LED Grow Lights: Benefits for Indoor Farmers

Indoor farmers understand the importance of light. Plant growth depends on light. Without it, plants cannot grow to perfection or provide the flowers and fruits they normally produce. For plants to mature indoors, most indoor farmers use LED lights to give plants the essential light they need. However, LED lighting has a huge advantage over fluorescent lighting because of the technology found in Grow lights and the light that is created within the LED chip.

LED technology

Each LED bulb contains a microchip implanted inside. The chip works like the filament in a fluorescent lamp to create light. Without a filament, LED bulbs can’t “burn out” like standard bulbs, so they can shine longer and brighter than alternative filaments. LED lights tend to last 110,000 hours, which equates to 11 years of continuous use before they stop working. In the long run, LEDs will help reduce costs due to their expected lifespan. People who use electronics with LEDs or have homes and office buildings that use these lights can save a lot on the cost of replacing light bulbs. One big downside to LED lighting is that it often has a higher initial cost. The fact that the bulbs use microchips makes them a bit more expensive.

grow lights

An essential item used by most indoor farmers is a grow light that acts as an electronic mini-solar at home. LED lights radiate the sun’s wavelengths to create a beam of light that produces essential nutrients that plants need to mature to their fullest state. Most of the LEDs found on this device produce blue and red light. Because these two are most important for plant growth.

grow light advantage

In addition to the bonuses seen as plants mature, grow devices allow indoor farmers to grow plants without bugs, inclement weather, or spraying pesticides on the plants. With LED grow lights, farmers have less to think about spraying pesticides on their plants, but more importantly, plants can grow much faster than outdoor plants because of the amount of light they collect. LED lighting offers great benefits to farmers who want to shorten their growing season and expose their plants to 24-hour light while avoiding adverse weather conditions. Indoor farmers need to have LEDs to create the light they need to grow their plants to maturity.

Stealth Grow is a branch of the larger LED manufacturer, Bright Light LED. Stealth Grow is made up of a team of experienced growers and engineers committed to bringing LED grow lights to the forefront of indoor gardening. We manufacture our own components and as a result we have tremendous flexibility when it comes to testing products like the SG 1250. Our lights offer the most advanced combination of spectrum and intensity of any LED grow light.

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