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Cleaning Tips Grinders

Finally, I give you some tips to maintain your grinder and to keep it clean. Everyone knows the feeling of a non-slip grinder or a grinder that does not look clean, with these tips that is a thing of the past. The first simple tip to make a grinder smoother is a little natural oil eg olive orusing hemp oil or butter and smearing a little bit on the edges of the grinder put both parts together, turn a few times and then wipe off the excess natural oil or butter with the sticky layer with a ( kitchen) piece of paper. This method takes the least work and is very effective on all materials.

You could also clean plastic grinders by placing them in warm, but not very hot, water. If the water is too hot, the plastic melts or deforms. You can then add a drop of dishwashing liquid, let it stand for a while, then clean with a toothbrush and then wipe with a (tea) cloth or paper towel (s). Leave the parts of the grinder apart to dry. Wait until the grinder is completely dry before you use the grinder. The dishwasher is often not a solution, because with most plastic grinders it causes them to deform, just like water that is too hot, or makes (the glue from) the magnet loose.

The best method to clean your grinders is with special Pink weed grinder cleaner put your grinder with the parts separate from each other in a sealable bag or container and make sure that all parts are well in the alcohol. Leave this for a while and then you can clean it further with a dishwashing or toothbrush.

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