Lookah seahorse series products

Lookas seahorse 2.0

It is not the origin seahorse dab pen,it is upgrade from origin in 2019.we  listened customers advice and upgrade it.

Based on valuable client feedback, we have upgraded the Seahorse 2.0 from its original version, ensuring ease of use and effortless cleaning. With these enhancements, the Seahorse 2.0 sets a new standard, elevating the user experience to unprecedented levels of satisfaction.

The Seahorse 2.0, featuring a convenient magnetic mouthpiece for effortless removal. With the addition of a secure magnetic ring, the tip cap stays firmly in place, ensuring optimal protection when not in use. Say goodbye to misplaced caps and enjoy a worry-free vaping experience.

Accessory is an important part of dab pen,especially the seahorse tips,but seahorse tips at Ramsmo

Lookah seahorse pro plus

It is the most popular dab pen from it launch to market in 2020,The Seahorse Pro Plus offers a selection of 8 vibrant colors to choose from. Each color can cater to different individual preferences, ensuring you’ll find the perfect match that suits your style.

We meticulously oversee the design and production of every component of the Seahorse Pro Plus, ensuring their seamless integration. This attention to detail results in a remarkable vaping device that significantly enhances the user experience, making it highly favored by a wide range of satisfied customers.

The Seahorse Pro Plus is an enhanced version of the Lookah Seahorse Pro dab pen, providing an improved dabbing experience. With a slightly larger size comparing seahorse pro, it offers a Type C charging port instead of Micro USB. The upgrade includes a magnetic cap, replacing the standard cap, and utilizes Coil V instead of Coil I.

Lookah seahorse X

It is a multi function vaporizer.

Usage 1. Seahorse X Dab Pen

The kit comes with one 710 thread quartz wax cup that seamlessly screws into the upper housing of the Seahorse X. By sliding the provided glass mouthpiece or water bubbler over the atomizer cup, the device effortlessly transforms into a versatile wax pen.

Usage 2. Seahorse X Electric Dab RigUsage 4. Seahorse X Electric Nail

The Seahorse X can function as an electric dab rig by utilizing its double-layer bubbler, effectively cooling and filtering all vaping smoke through water, resulting in an enhanced dabbing experience.

Usage 3. Seahorse X Electric Nectar Collector

Equipped with 510 ceramic tips, the Seahorse X serves as an efficient electric nectar collector. When utilized in this mode, the opposite end of the device conveniently accommodates a glass mouthpiece.

Usage 4. Seahorse X Electric Nail

The dab pen can be directly connected to a dab rig using a compatible bubbler, providing a seamless and enhanced dabbing experience.

With a 14mm joint connection, the dab pen can seamlessly link to 14/18mm female joint pipes. The other end of the pipe can be connected to a dab rig, effortlessly transforming it into an e-nail within minutes.

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